Monday, January 2, 2012

Dangerous Characters: Krillin

Well I'm still here, so here's the skinny. One of my resolutions is that I am going to get back on the wagon and have an article every week. However, I'm not going to keep it strictly on Mondays. From now on, it will be as the schedule allows. The tentative date is still Monday, but it might be a day or two after if things stay too busy, so deal with it That being said, I am amazed that the pageview count actually rocketed in spite of my absence the last few weeks. If that's what happened while I was gone imagine what could have happened if I didn't disappear...   whoa, I just don't know what to say. But on to business. It's a new year, and now we've got a new dangerous character to introduce. So let's get to it.

I have an unspoken rule that there must be at least a two year gap between the time characters from the same show are inducted, however, if I held to that rule with the characters from the Dragon Ball universe I'd probably have to wait decades to get to all the ones who richly deserve the nomination. Therefore, as we rang in 2011 with Goku, this year, let's put our hands together for his oft underestimated sidekick. Bald as a pool cue, and forever short, Krillin is the butt of many a joke for being one of the runts of the DBZ litter in the areas of strength and power. However, it should be remembered that even though by the standards of the main nakama, he's not the most powerful in the group (he's probably beaten out for weakest link by Yamcha later in the series) for a normal human he's pretty dangerous. Anyone who can summon a whirligig disk...  thing...    that can slice through anything it touches (saiyan ape tails, potentially someone's hand if they weren't careful, entire mountains) has the potential to do some serious damage. Like Goku, his potential for causing danger is mostly drawn from what he could do, as opposed to what he would do (he could level entire cities if he had a mind to, even if we know he never would). He's also somewhat dangerous to himself with his nearly suicidal tendency to loyally follow his more powerful friends into the fray. A glutton for punishment both given and received, if you happen to find him in your immediate vicinity, in combat gear, than it's time to go. Something much nastier is probably on the way.

Image taken from Dragon Ball Z